13-07-2017 • Workshops

Obonjan Island: Land, Water, Air

We will be joining in the activity of the Creative Exploration Week on Obonjan Island this Summer. From 16th – 20th July, you’ll be able to experience how materials can provide a service by looking at the land, water and air.

Materials from the elements can clean the air, might use zero water, or even use the land to clean up radioactive waste. Seetal will be leading 3 x workshops on Obonjan: Materials as Services with Ma-tt-er; a series of talks and workshops involving materials, from the land, water and air.

Workshop 1
Land Matters: Whether it be agriculture, geology or the anthropocene age, materials have the potential to clear waste streams, radioactive waste, creating processes that use the land such as sand casting we will be discussing these potentials. Beginning with a walk around the island to explore what already exists around Obonjan Island and then gathered around to discuss the importance of land and materials.

Workshop 2
Water Matters: How can we minimise water usage with materials looking at it from Industry – Products – Process. Examples of bio-pigments that use zero water, dehydrated materials for the construction industry and dry dye methods for textiles. Finishing off with a dip in the sea.

Air Matters: Carbon-based materials are fast becoming a resource, especially with the increased amount of pollution that we are experiencing as a planet. We will be discussing how industries such as agriculture, architecture and fashion are using carbon as a valuable resource, followed by a session of simple breathing techniques to clear the air within ourselves.

If you’d like to join in on this 3 day workshop experience then please join us here.

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