17-10-2019 • Research

Materials Quiz Dutch Design Week

During Dutch Design Week we are going to be making our way around Eindhoven with a series of tactile questions. Our material quiz is the beginning of a project we are working on that is looking into collective material literacy and what that means in our current moment. We hope the quiz is the start of a continuing conversation that allows us to talk about how we think and know about materials with our hands and minds. 

We have mapped our way around the city so day by day you know where we will be between 1 and 3 from Wednesday the 23rd to Sunday the 27th and you can come and answer questions about comfort and survival, abundance and necessity! 

Map and Schedule

23/10 Strijp, Onder de Leidingstraat 13:00-15:00

24/10 Station and Sectie-C, Sectie Claire Café 13:00-15:00

25/10 Campina, Campina Café 13:00-15:00

26/10 Central, FIFTH 13.45-17:00 *

27/20 Central and Downtown, The Happiness Café 13:00-15:00

Join us! Help us! Touch! Feel! Think! See! Answer some fun questions and touch some deceptive materials! 

*On the 26th we will be hosting the DDW Talk on Craft and New Materials so our research will take a break as we talk about the practices of our speakers through colour, technology, value and growth. Read more about it here.

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