15-08-2016 • Article

Make Room For The Mushrooms

Founder and Director of Ma-tt-er, Seetal Solanki had the opportunity to contribute an article to the online publication Casimir TV that explores the space between with how we live, where we’re going and the creative ideas that will take us on this journey.

Can mushrooms redeem us from the damage we as humans have left on our planet?

Fungi were the first organisms that existed on our planet, with plants following after a long period of 700 million years.

Historically mushrooms have been revered by ancient cultures possessing mystical properties. Many cultures in Russia, China, Greece, Mexico and Latin America believed that mushrooms could produce super-human strength. The common understanding that mushrooms are powerful beings throughout history is still relevant in our very own culture and society today. Mushrooms are an abundant fungus which are being considered within the design industry as furniture, architecture, textiles and packaging to name a few. They have the power to clean up pollutants and are being used to clean waterways, soil and in some areas, even radioactive waste.

Fungi can grow in all types of landscapes and hold the soil together which can be up to 30,000 times its mass. This strength carries forward to produce strong antibiotics for human consumption. Some preliminary studies on mushrooms have also demonstrated that they may be able to provide us with anti-cancer chemotherapeutic agents, immunomodulators too. Giving humans the tools for vitality from the ever-abundant nature’s pharmacy.

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