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Design Education Interview with British Vogue

Poppy Roy from British Vogue asked us our thoughts on sustainability, how students should consider approaching their work with responsibility and the changes occurring in materials education. 

One of the most important questions a designer or brand must consider today is how to consciously engage with fashion and design in a sustainable way. As one of the most polluting industries in the world, an environmentally-friendly approach should be at the forefront of every aspiring creative’s agenda. But where to begin?

Central Saint Martins has been offering a Masters Degree in Material Futures – a course dedicated to discussing how we will live in the future with craft, science and technology – for many years. Vogue spoke to two students, past and present, to find out more.

What is Ma-tt-er and how do you work with students in fashion schools today?

Ma-tt-er is a materials research design studio, consultancy and school. We advise, design, communicate and educate what materials are, what they can be and where they come from in order to implement a responsible future.

No matter what subject my students are studying, the design projects always begin with the material first. Creating the opportunity to explore the provenance, the lifecycle, the issues surrounding the material, the way the material is being made and manufactured, its cultural identity, and also the material’s characteristics.

This approach means that the design can be realised more thoroughly, holistically and sustainably rather than designing the product first and tacking the materials on at the end of the process. Materials have their own identity which can be explored, manipulated and transformed into a variety of applications.

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